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The Webcomic You’ve Been Dying To Read

The Webcomic You’ve Been Dying To Read published on No Comments on The Webcomic You’ve Been Dying To Read

I’m grateful that Zombie Todd (ZT) is back on the web.

My life has changed so much since the days I first created ZT as well as the A Pug Named Fender webcomic. In order to get more acquainted with this strip, I’m dropping a new strip everyday for the next 31 days aka 31 Days of ZT. 

Meanwhile, I’ll be re-designing the website; adding nuances along the way. I need your help in spreading the word about ZT through social media.

This isn’t Walking Dead or Zombieland or anything else you’ve typically seen in modern zombie culture. ZT is just trying to do him – like the rest of us – he just has one little setback.

Over time I pray you’ll see the similarities in his challenges and yours, while having a good laugh in the process.

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